About Us

Annax was launched in September 2013 with a vision to establish professional IT (information technology) services with bundles that are affordable and adjustable to meet your company’s needs and is dedicated to providing professional services to clients with high demands and expectations. The company is planning on growing into one of South-Africa’s leading Information technology suppliers and distributor and is planning to forge strong working relations with client companies.

We operate with core values that provide Professionalism and IT support with a strong performance ethic and believe that transparency and integrity are keys to success. Our practices are geared towards providing professional corporate IT solutions.

Our Believes

Wisdom is the key to success. We understand the importance of your    business and the daily needs that your company has to fulfil and your IT    department is strongly linked to the effectiveness of your business, why not    have the best?

Our customers are our Investors. They fund our daily operations. We pride    ourselves by offering them professional services and going that extra mile to    ensure complete gratification.

Simplicity is king. We'll never overlook what matters; the basics, great service,    and ease of use in the services we offer.

Great products and service matter. You will always be able to find the best    and affordable hardware or software solution with us and we are able to    shape any product or service package your company needs.

Contracts are a pain. No one likes being locked into something for years. We    never lock anyone in, our customers can cancel at any time, no questions    asked. T&C apply.

Affordability for all. We believe everyone should have access to affordable IT    services and we aim to establish bundles that are affordable and adjustable    to meet your company’s needs.

First impressions last. We believe Design and development plays a primary    role in the interpretation of a message that creates a crucial and hopefully    lasting impression. A confusing, poorly designed service will never be fulfilling    to a company’s growth.

Have a project in mind?

Interested in finding out how Annax can help your organisation make the most of the internet? Have a look at our services page or go to contact us, and get in touch.